Re-thinking development approaches for island economies

Islands and their residents face a series of challenges that limit their chances of sustainable development and make them highly vulnerable to climate change. Despite these challenges, the vast oceans surrounding islands open up potentially large development approaches from which a new economy can emerge–including those that incorporate aspects of the Blue and Circular Economies. As these concepts are relatively new and complex, we developed the Sustainable Islands Platform to highlight practical examples of global innovations in this space and post opportunities for project financing assistance. This ultimate goal of this platform is to serve as a resource for those re-thinking development approaches while creating an online community for those committed to creating more sustainable islands around the world.

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Sustainable Island Platform Pillars

Blue Economy

Circular Economy

Climate Resilience


Through this platform, the IDB is highlighting practical examples of innovations in this space to serve as a resource for those re-thinking development approaches as well as those working to make islands more sustainable around the world.

Learn more about how the IDB is identifying and demonstrating ways that islands are transitioning to a low carbon and climate resilient development pathway in the following pilot islands:


In addition to our goal of providing islands with project financing for interventions, the Sustainable Islands Platform aims to further private sector development by providing access to cutting edge knowledge for firms, business, support organizations and governments across the World. Click below to access a valuable repository of studies, assessments and data and has made it available for download through the SIsP Resources Centre.

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