The Platform relies on partnerships to ensure broad reach and to support collaborative approaches among countries, multilateral development banks, donors, academia, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders. Currently, the SIsP is collaborating with various entities within the IDB Group on the blue and circular economies.

These entities include:

  • The IDB Natural Capital Lab on the development of the IDB Blue Carbon Fund for mangrove restoration and a chemicals and waste program for the Caribbean region through GEF resources.
  • IDB Lab on programming for blue and circular economies including the Caribbean Blue Tech Challenge.
  • IDB Invest on blue economy initiatives (including thematic bonds) and small islands programming.
  • SIsP is working with a number of country departments on policy framework and roadmaps for developing the blue economy.
  • We are exploring a number of external partnerships, synergies and collaboration including the Caribbean Development Bank, United Nations Development Programme, and Food and Agriculture Organization

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