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Aaron Gibson first developed the design for his solar-powered generator while completing his senior project at Texas Southern University. His original goal was to power small electronics for 3-4 hours, but when Hurricane Dorian hit in 2019, he felt called to help those who had been left stranded and without power. Aaron gained the confidence to formally establish a company and commercially produce his portable generators after receiving substantial support from potential funders and customers on social media. First testing his generator by himself at home and with friends, Aaron and his company, AJG Solutions, are now working towards manufacturing the first 100 To-Go Boxes.

To-Go Boxes seek to assist individuals, families, and communities coping with disaster by providing them with an affordable and reliable energy source. Although they are particularly focused on the impact of hurricanes on the Bahamas, AJG Solutions hopes to expand to other regions and fulfill greater purposes. Eventually, they would like solar-based technologies like their own to become ubiquitous in the energy sector. In their own words, “climate change isn’t stopping, and our generation is going to feel the worst of it, so it’s up to us to get this done.”

The Solution

The To-Go Box is an all-in-one emergency survival kit, which includes a portable solar generator that allows you to power and charge small to medium electronic devices.

How it Works

Founded in 2019, AJG Solutions Ltd. is a technology startup focused on creating affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions for local and global needs in the energy sector. The founders of AJG solutions recognize the desperate need for safe, portable energy during disasters and in areas with limited access to standard energy grids. They hope that their To-Go Box will address both immediate and long-term needs for individuals, businesses, and communities coping with loss of power. Originally designed as a response to natural disasters such as hurricanes, AJG Solutions also envisions their product as a response to the destabilizing effects of climate change.

The main power source of the To-Go Box is a rechargeable battery pack, which is charged by the solar panel attached to the case. Electronic devices can be charged and powered through the ports on the case. The case also features storage compartments for essential items and a geolocation chip. Customers can share that location with AJG Solutions or a rescue team/emergency management agency. Additionally, the case will include an “SOS ultra beam” that can be used to draw the attention of rescue teams or bystanders.


AJG Solutions hopes to be part of future innovation in long-term, sustainable energy grids. Their project works both to protect customers during disaster, and also to reduce reliance on weak energy systems while new infrastructure is built.

Impacts to Date

Although they have not yet manufactured their first To-Go Boxes, AJG Solutions has had much success generating interest in their product. They have garnered substantial media attention and participated in multiple presentations and podcasts about their solution.


The biggest challenge for AJG Solutions has been in getting their first products manufactured. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic halted their progress in producing the first models during 2020. They also anticipate needing assistance from investors in reducing costs, allowing their products to be affordable to consumers and organizations. AJG Solutions also recognizes the broader challenge of incorporating solar energy into mainstream systems, and hopes that they will be part of the movement to overcome this resistance.

What's Next

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic halted AJG’s progress in manufacturing their first models during 2020. However, they are optimistic that the first 100 boxes will be produced prior to the start of hurricane season this year.

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