Does the ocean support your livelihood? We are looking for local businesses, individuals and organizations currently working with Tobago’s marine resources to feature in an upcoming publication about the Blue Economy. If you think you qualify, please complete the form to tell us more! 

The ocean produces oxygen for every second breath we breathe. From fishing to diving to renewable energy, the ocean is a central powerhouse of sustainable economic development. The global ocean economy is projected to increase to over US$3 trillion by 2030. Despite its high potential, many Caribbean nations have been slow to realize its full potential. Trinidad and Tobago represents a shining example of full sustainable use of ocean resources, and can become a leader in the region for the development of its blue economy.

An upcoming publication supported by the Inter-American Development Bank and its Sustainable Islands Platform will showcase the hidden secrets of Tobago’s Blue Economy. To be potentially featured in this publication, you or your organization should be doing at least one of the following:

  • Furthering marine conservation or restoration efforts in Tobago
  • Raising awareness around marine conservation or education
  • Actively engaged in tours or services that rely on the ocean economy (eg fishing, scuba diving, kayak tours, etc)
  • Engaging in or advancing an industry that relies on ocean resources (fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewables, etc)

If you have a product, business, natural area, project, or conservation effort that fits these criteria, please fill out the form below:

Tobago's Blue Economy Interest Form

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